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Dana Claire is available for speaking in person and virtually. Please email her if you require a speaker, guest presenter, or interview: [email protected]

Speaking Session Topics

Sell More Than Just a Story: Comprehensive Approaches to Book Merchandising

In today’s competitive environment, selling books is about more than just offering a compelling narrative. It requires a multifaceted approach that melds traditional merchandising techniques with modern consumer psychology.

Join us for an engaging presentation that goes beyond book covers, exploring the myriad ways to elevate your book merchandising strategy for ecommerce and in-person events.

From Pages to Products: The Power of Author Promotions & Giveaways

Book swag serves as tangible reminder of an author’s literary work and helps establish a deeper connection between the writer and
their readers.

Ranging from custom bookmarks and printed tote bags to personalized notebooks and branded pens, these items not only elevate the
author’s brand presence but also provide functional value to the recipients and act as a lead generation tool when combined with a QR code and reader magnet. Learn effective ways to leverage swag into sales.

Creating a Captivating Kickstarter: Mastering the Art of Storytelling and Rewards

This presentation will guide attendees through the intricate process of weaving a magnetic story that resonates with potential backers, alongside curating a set of rewards that excite and entice.

Whether you’re an emerging entrepreneur or a seasoned campaigner, this presentation will provide you with actionable insights and proven strategies to elevate your Kickstarter game. Let’s transform your vision into a crowdfunded success!

Write, Click, Engage: Harnessing Email and SMS for Author Outreach

In this dynamic session, authors will discover the art of captivating readers and expanding their audience through effective email and
SMS marketing strategies. Learn how to craft compelling messages, build engaging campaigns, and nurture lasting connections with readers. Explore the latest tools and techniques, including automation, to optimize your outreach and turn casual readers into dedicated fans.

Whether you’re a seasoned author or just starting, this session will equip you with the digital inkwell to leave a lasting impression on your audience and elevate your author journey to new heights. Join us for an interactive discussion and unlock the potential of email and SMS marketing to drive your literary success.

Crafting Success on Review Platforms

In the digital realm of book discovery, review platforms stand paramount. This presentation offers insights into maximizing your book’s visibility and garnering impactful reviews amidst a sea of titles.

Uncover strategies to engage the right reviewers, craft compelling listings, and navigate feedback effectively. Elevate your presence on review platforms and turn them into your book’s biggest advocates.

Transforming Profit Margins: A Guide to Direct Sales and Special Edition Books

In today’s competitive publishing landscape, direct sales of special edition books offer an innovative approach to elevate your profit margins significantly. This comprehensive session explores the untapped potential of marrying direct-to-consumer sales strategies with the allure of special edition book copies. You’ll gain insights into consumer psychology, cost-benefit analyses, real-world case studies, and targeted marketing strategies.

The presentation is designed to equip publishers and authors alike with actionable insights for breaking free from traditional distribution limitations, allowing for greater control, higher returns, and a new paradigm of profitability in book publishing

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Bio & Headshot

Meet Dana Claire, a seasoned marketing and sales professional with a remarkable track record in direct sales. Beyond her marketing prowess, she is also an acclaimed and award-winning young adult author.

Drawing from her own enriching author journey, Dana offers a distinctive perspective that combines her in-depth knowledge of the literary realm and her expertise in the marketing industry. Her genuine passion for author education drives her mission to support fellow writers in building their own literary empires. This led her to create The INKfluence, an innovative marketing agency exclusively dedicated to serving authors.

At INKfluence, their primary focus is on empowering authors by equipping them with valuable insights and essential skills needed to thrive in the constantly evolving landscape of publishing. Their comprehensive range of services includes consulting, promotional products, design, marketing ghost-writing, crowdfunding assistance, and much more. With a commitment to fostering success for authors, The INKfluence aims to be the go-to resource for writers looking to make a significant impact in the publishing world.