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The INKfluence Teams Up with Kickstarter

The INKfluence plays a crucial role in guiding Kickstarter campaigns, offering expertise in campaign design, project management, manufacturing, and establishing connections with essential partners to fulfill your vision, including providing templates and standard language to ensure your project's success.

We collaborate closely with our clients and the head of publishing at Kickstarter. We pride ourselves on being hands-on throughout the process, handling both pre-campaign management as well as the design and production of products that align with your campaign goals.

Most importantly, we navigate you through the complexities of the platform, creating products, the intricate setup process, and the manufacturing of rewards. With the INKfluence on your side, you can be confident that your campaign will be crafted for success, managed with expert care, and fulfilled to surpass backer expectations.

Our fee structure is based on a percentage of your campaign's earnings, ensuring our services are directly aligned with your success. We do, however, require a non-refundable upfront payment to cover initial setup costs, excluding design fees.

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The INKfluence is partnering with Kickstarter and can hold joint calls!
Please note: Our min goal amount for our clients is $7,500.

Our Services Include:

Product Design

We will design everything for your special edition book from the dust jacket and stenciled edges to foil stamped hardcovers and slipcases. If you can imagine it, we can create it.

Book Manufacturing

Our special editions are produced at our professional printing facility in Guangzhou, China, where our factory holds both an export license and a book printing license. Our equipment includes Kodak CTP machines and Heidelberg 4-color machines, among others. We employ the GMG color proof system to ensure the color accuracy of both our hard proofs and final printed products, achieving a color match of over 98%. Depending on the order size, we select the most appropriate printers to ensure quality and cost-effectiveness. With over a decade of experience, our factory has successfully exported our printing products to various countries worldwide.


As a licensed reseller and member of the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), the INKfluence has access to a wide range of promotional items including bookmarks, t-shirts, pins, stickers, totes, and more. We handle the entire process from design through to ordering, ensuring you receive the most competitive prices.

Campaign Management

The INKfluence offers expert guidance on the content, structure, rewards, and management of your campaign, including advice, tips, and industry best practices for marketing pre-launch, launch, and post-launch. Leveraging our design expertise, we provide packages of either 15 or 25 images, crafting a compelling narrative for your project and incorporating strategically designed marketing images to showcase your project’s key features and narrative hooks. While the final revisions rest with the author, all suggestions from the INKfluence are flexible and can be adjusted according to the author’s preferences.

Benefits of Literary Crowdfunding

Share the story of your creative work

Connect directly with your audience

Build awareness of your work

Sell pre-orders or backlist

Test out an ambitious idea

Delight your readers with unique rewards

Interested in learning more? Reach out to us today!

The INKfluence is partnering with Kickstarter and can hold joint calls!

Reward Products

Stand out in your crowdfunding campaign with impactful rewards that support your project and leave a lasting impression on your readers.

Buttons and Patches

Give readers’ bags, jackets, and more a little flair


Stickers, patches, and magnets


A wicked promo item for your author needs

Apparel & Hats

Create a walking billboard with wearables


It’s not what’s in them that counts; it’s what’s on them that matters


Reading between the wines and dines with your own custom drinkware

Home Goods

Eyemasks, Socks, Blankets & Towels, Journals, Desktop items, Beauty, etc


Save your readers’ place in style