Crowdfunding Consultation



  • One-on-one coaching session on zoom to set up a plan for your crowdfunding campaign
  • A list of products with pricing, timing, and details to have as rewards
  • One swag item design to use for rewards or add ons




Are you an author with a captivating story to tell but need a little help funding your idea? Our Crowdfunding Consultation is your gateway to turning your literary dreams into reality. With expert guidance, meticulous planning, and innovative strategies, we’re here to help you launch a crowdfunding campaign that not only funds your book or audiobook project but also engages your audience in an unforgettable journey.

Book your Crowdfunding Consultation today and watch your literary aspirations take flight, backed by a community that believes in your narrative’s power to inspire and captivate.

What’s Offered:

  • Strategic Campaign Planning: Crafting a successful crowdfunding campaign requires more than just an idea – it demands meticulous planning. I’ll guide you through the entire process, from campaign inception to execution, ensuring every step aligns with your vision.
  • Tailored Tier Rewards: Engage your backers with enticing tier rewards that reflect the essence of your book. I’ll assist you in devising unique and irresistible offerings, helping you strike the perfect balance between offered value and profit.
  • Pricing Precision: Setting the right price for your tiers is crucial to attract backers while covering costs. Our consultants will analyze market trends, your project’s scope, and your audience’s expectations to help you establish pricing that resonates.
  • Strategic Timing: Timing is everything in the crowdfunding world. We’ll help you determine the optimal launch window for your campaign to maximize exposure, engagement, and ultimately, backer contributions.
  • Swag Item Design: Every successful campaign deserves standout swag. Our skilled designers will craft a compelling and memorable swag item that aligns with your project, leaving backers with a tangible memento of their support.